Dirk Rozich Murals

Working closely with city officials, community developers, art commissions, and private investors, Dirk Rozich has became one of the most sought after mural artists in the North East. His life size murals typically take several months to complete, which allows the public a rare experience to watch the ongoing development of a mural from the fundamental beginnings to its completion. Thousands of individuals have witnessed Dirk's transformations up close and he gladly welcomes anyone passing by to stop and share in the experience. His enthused onlookers have referred to him as the "Downtown Da Vinci."

Dirk Rozich graduated from the Columbus College of Art and Design with honors in the Spring of 2003, earning a BFA in illustration. His goal was to become one of the leading editorial illustrators in the country. After moving to Chicago to pursue his career, he quickly learned that an editorial artist may not be what he truly aspired to become. One evening, working into the early hours of the morning, Dirk was painting a small illustration for a local periodical and realized that the life span of his work may only be the time it takes someone to turn to the next page. He found this notion very unsettling and began thinking of other creative avenues to express his passion of painting. Mr. Rozich commented, "I wanted to create something permanent. Something an entire community can enjoy for an extended amount of time." Murals were the answer.

Hundreds of hours of research go into each and every mural Dirk creates. He goes through great lengths making certain that all historic details are accurate and portrayed correctly. Dirk logged 300 hours developing the 2000 square foot Schreckengost Park mural and all of its 21 people captured in the trompe l'oeil design. He truly does have a talent that can create life and depth in a barren environment.

Dirk also is an accomplished illustrator. He enjoys returning to his artistic roots and creating narrative driven paintings that convey a sense of motion and expression. An annual tradition Dirk upholds, involves a very sentimental subject and an unconditional bond he shares with his family. Every holiday season Dirk designs a new Santa Claus illustration to be hung in his childhood home. His mother Cindy, has collected Santa Claus's for years and has two dignified walls dedicated solely to her Santa Claus painting collection now numbering over twenty. Her first Santa Claus was a tempera painting completed with white, puffy cotton balls when Dirk was in kindergarten. The annual paintings' subject matters are kept secret until they are presented as a gift to Dirk's mother and father on Christmas Eve. Dirk has said, "There is nothing more rewarding than to witness my mom view her new Santa painting for the first time. The overwhelming love and compassion in her teary eyes is simply moving! Reactions like that, are the sole reason I do all of this."

Alongside illustration, Dirk is also a full time graphic and web designer. Be sure to check out design website!

If you have any further questions or are interested in having an illustration or mural painted, please feel free to contact Dirk or leave him a message on his Facebook page.


A personal note from Dirk....

I would like to thank all of those who have supported me throughout the years! More specifically, my loving parents, Paul and Cindy and my beautiful wife, Nicole, my son, Landon and my little girl, Hartley. I would not be where I am right now without your love!

Thank you all again for everything!


~Dirk Rozich